How do I participate in the Hoard token sale?

Step 1: Register for priority queue (Dates to be announced)

Head to and sign up for the priority queue.

Step 2: Register at Bitcoin Suisse (Dates to be announced)

  1. Visit Bitcoin Suisse website and click Register (active link will be provided soon).
  2. You’ll be redirected to the Bitcoin Suisse login and registration page ( Sign up with your Google account or provide an email and password to begin (Note: if you signed up to priority queue please use same email address).
  3. Next, you’ll need to confirm your email address. Visit your email provider and verify your email.
  4. Return to the Bitcoin Suisse site and provide the required information which includes:
    1. Personal information (e.g. name, address and contact information)
    2. ID or passport (photo of ID or passport and selfie with ID or passport)
    3. Proof of residency
    4. Completed and hand-signed Form A (Confirmation and beneficial ownership (UBO) for digital assets) and Form 1A (Customer Profile).
  5. Once you submit your application, Bitcoin Suisse will review the information provided, which typically takes two business days. You will receive a confirmation email after your application has been reviewed.
  6. A few days before the token sale, Bitcoin Suisse will contact all registered parties and remind them of the event. You will also be contacted on the day registration opens. You will need to visit the Bitcoin Suisse page and click Register (the button will be active on that day) to get into the queue for contribution.

ID requirements:

  • Valid and official ID
  • Have your name, date of birth and date of expiry on it
  • Recent picture on it
  • Latin letters otherwise it must be translated and notarized

Note: Your entire face needs to be visible in your selfie with ID and the whole ID or passport needs to be visible and readable. The ID in your selfie must be the same as the uploaded ID image. Proof of residency must show the address where you live, not your work address or place of birth.

Approved documents for proof of residency include:
  • Utility Bill (with your current address on it)
  • Bank statement (with your current address on it)
  • Residence permit (with your current address on it)
  • Valid ID (with your current address on it)
  • Official Residency Affidavit
  • Tax statement (with your current address on it)
Documents that will not be approved for proof of residency include:
  • Restaurant bill
  • Envelope with address on it
  • Cut off documents
  • Delivery slip
  • Shopping bill
  • Documents older than six months

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