How will Hoard scale?

What are the problems?

Blockchain technology in general and Ethereum in particular are still young technologies. A current limitation of the Ethereum blockchain is transaction throughput, which at the current time doesn’t scale well enough to handle millions of players trading virtual items at the same time. These players might experience some delay in seeing their transactions execute.

How are they currently being addressed?

Several initiatives are underway to improve this limitation, including Casper, Raiden and Plasma. Each of them is targeting specific areas to improve transaction throughput directly or indirectly. Over the next few years these initiatives are going to be rolled out, bringing benefits to the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

How will Hoard address these?

Until then, however, we have to implement mitigation strategies in order to ensure an optimal user experience without prolonged waiting for transactions to go through and establish true ownership on the blockchain. The mitigation strategies include partial centralization while waiting for transactions to be executed on the blockchain and bulking multiple transactions together.

We will actively support the ecosystem and community in the efforts towards a massive scalable blockchain to support the anticipated huge number of players and transactions in the future.

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