What is the Hoard marketplace and why should I use it?

The Hoard Exchange web application is the beating heart of the Hoard Platform. It’s main function is the trading of in-game content; however, it is also where members of the Hoard community come together to interact, transact and form groups around their favorite games or projects.

The Hoard Exchange enables:

  • Buying, selling and auctioning of all kinds of game content
  • Exchanging items directly with other users
  • Gift items to each other
  • Rent or lease items
  • Set up their own shop to conduct any of the above activities

How does buying and selling occur on the Hoard Exchange?

The Hoard Exchange will provide straightforward and simple interfaces for users to buy, sell, auction or rent content.

When creating orders (e.g. sell) users must provide required information such as the selling price in a currency of their choice. According to exchange rates the users will always receive HRD, or potentially a game-specific token, in return for content. However, they can immediately cash out to fiat or a stable coin using one of our service providers.

Once an order is set up and then accepted by a second party the transaction is executed in one automatic operation. Simple and secure.

Some orders require more information than others; for example renting out an item involves specifying items to rent, the availability period and the desired payment. The order might be executed for part of the available period, for example two of the five days.

How do I set up my own shop on the Hoard Exchange?

One of the more advanced features of the Hoard Exchange is the functionality to set up a custom shop. Users might be engaged in creating content inside a game and want to provide a full package of services or use custom branding to sell their goods.

Users will be able to set up a custom theme and layout and there will be functionality to provide basic customer support as well as offer additional content such as guides and tutorials.

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