Hoard roadmap

Blockchain is still a new technology especially in relation to computer games. As a result, the Hoard team has allocated a considerable amount of time to prototyping and uncovering risks within the project.

We believe that software development is most successful when executed with an iterative approach, especially when working with cutting edge technology. Updates on the development of the Hoard platform as well as core technology (i.e. decentralization, smart contracts, scalability) will be released over a number of specific milestones.


Initial prototype and research stage

The Hoard platform is in a prototype and research state with some key areas currently in development. In this stage, the development team is still experimenting with the technologies to find the best solutions to lay a stable foundation for the remainder of the project.

The goal is to continue with this stage until the team has uncovered as many risks as possible and fully proven key concepts.


  • Technical prototypes
  • Prototype game with early Hoard SDK integration

Milestone 1: Coherent platform with key features present

The main purpose of this milestone is to develop the prototypes into a coherent platform with all key features available. This will be done in cooperation with selected close partners. The basis of Hoard SDK will be established, which includes a Game Client library, Game Backend library, common library with blockchain communication and a set of utilities to monitor and debug processes. The technology will be chosen based on a partner's game(s) platform and required features.


  • Barebone administration and minting console
    • Smart contracts for minting and game tokens

Essential SDK functionality

  • Authentication and interacting with player wallet
  • Integration of blockchain tokens to game objects
  • Serving game resources
  • Game token transactions
  • Shell exchange
    • Authentication
    • Trading game tokens

Milestone 2: Game developers can start integrating

The main purpose of this milestone is to have the platform developed to a state in which it will be possible for game developers to start integrating with the SDK. This includes the first versions of the Unity and Unreal plugins. Effort is put into making the SDK easy to use, while considering the performance.


  • Hoard SDK integration in partner game(s)
  • Hoard SDK beta
  • Administration and minting console alpha

Milestone 3: Platform optimization

The main purpose of this milestone is to improve the platform based on feedback from our partners. This includes stability, performance and scalability improvements.


  • Hoard SDK integration in partner game(s)
  • Hoard SDK beta
  • Administration and minting console beta
  • Hoard Exchange alpha release

Milestone 4: First public release of Hoard Exchange

The main purpose of this milestone is the first public release of the Hoard Exchange. From this point on the Hoard Exchange will continuously expand with feature releases.


  • Hoard Exchange 1.0

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