Brand Terminology

Virtual Economies (n) The exchange of goods and services in a virtual environment, including video games, virtual reality, and augmented reality.
Earth Economies (n) The exchange of goods and services in the physical world, including banking, real estate, commodities, and manufacturing. Term used by video game economy researcher, Ed Castronova (here)
Bridging Economies (v) The process of connecting virtual economies and earth economies so they are indifferentiable in value and exchange — so there is no friction between the two.
Vanity Items (n) Or Cosmetic Items Items that do not carry any specific utility and function only as a means of differentiation between avatars.
Utility Items (n) Items that create value for a player.
Shared Goods (n) A property in a game that is not owned by any single player but is owned and used by a group or groups of players.
Paid-to-Play (n/v) The fourth and final wave of video game business models in which players earn a living playing video games.The first three waves were buy-to-play, pay-to-play and free-to-play. Supported by research by Ed Castronova (here)

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