How will Hoard help me raise money to develop games?

(Read our blog post: Liu's Game: A Story of Game Financing in the Future)

Current situation

Developing games is expensive. For example, an AAA game budget can be more than $100M.

As a result, the multifaceted risk of game financing has been faced by a relatively small number of individuals and companies. They consist of:

  • Big publishers Mostly only deal with established game developers and AAA games
  • Incubators — Development hubs who provide small seed funding
  • Traditional VC — May provide seed funding, however, unless they are specialized in games, are typically reluctant
  • Funds/government support — Typically very competitive and limited amounts

Future financing on Hoard

Hoard provides the infrastructure that allows game developers to execute crowdfunding via token sales on the Hoard platform.

Our services consist of the following:

  • Infrastructure: Hoard will provide smart contract code and the technology required for developers to effectively connect their game to the blockchain backend and develop tokens
  • Advise on token structure: Advise on token economy and how to design a token model
  • Legal and regulatory: Step-by-step guides on actions to be completed, facilitate the process of developing a legal framework, dealing with banks and regulators, introduction to the relevant parties (i.e. lawyers), document templates, KYC/AML, etc.
  • Marketing and community: Provide advice on dealing with community, communications strategy, team structure and putting together a white paper

The Hoard ICO portal will provide visibility over ongoing crowdfunding projects and will act as a place where game developers and gamers meet.

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