How do I integrate my game with Hoard?

What is the Hoard Software Development Kit (HSDK)?

The HSDK provides an out-of-the-box integration with commonly used game development tools and libraries. We are doing most of the heavy lifting for developers so they can focus on making the game.

It consists of two different packages — one designed for game applications and the other for game servers (backends). It will contain full documentation for the platform API and step-by-step tutorials with samples for popular game engines. Additionally, the HSDK will be packaged with monitoring and debugging tools, like setting up private blockchain for development and external blockchain viewer, and a complete Hoard platform management console.

HSDK for game applications

The role of this part is to provide an API to integrate game applications with the Hoard platform. Game applications will need to communicate directly with blockchain and Hoard smart contracts stored there, as well as transferring data from a game server maintained by game creators that provide game specific details and resources. The Hoard team will implement the HSDK GA (game application) library for popular game engines like Unity and Unreal with Unity being supported early on. The Hoard team will also be available to support integrations with proprietary engines.

The HSDK include, but not limited to the following features:

  • Authentication with Ethereum blockchain and Hoard Exchange
  • List and review player’s in-game items accessible during game session
  • Lock/transfer items on Hoard exchange
  • Possibility to lock items currently used by player to make them untradeable on exchange while in use
  • Ability to transfer ownership of items for even more control (except lost/ found items in PVP arenas)
  • Securely handle item tokens and resources owned by player
  • Secure transfer of gameobject resources associated with blockchain tokens
  • Manage local and remote access to game object resources

HDSK for game servers

The Hoard game server serves two main purposes. As an asset backend it provides game applications with item assets stored and retrieved in a secure way.

The feature list of the HSDK for game servers will be expanded during feature releases, in step with the needs presented by use of the platform by game developers. Our initial release of the platform will contain basic functionality, which can be exposed to players, such as listing in-game items, transferring item ownership, sharing items assets’ with the game application and player according to inventory state, and authorizing the player using his/her public address.

From an administration perspective it will be possible to easily add new items to a game, register them on the blockchain, and of course upload and fetch item assets to/from a distributed file system.

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