Hoard Overview

Welcome to the Hoard Knowledge Base. This is where we'll provide you with key information and answers to FAQs. We'll also direct you to where you can get more detailed information.

If you'd like to contribute or get an answer that is not already contained in here, please submit it to [email protected].

We'll be constantly updating this knowledge base as new developments, updates and questions come in.

To get a good overview of our project, please watch our short introductory video below:


About the sections...


This contains an overview of our project — the why, what, how, when and who. It also provides our roadmap so you can keep up to date with developments.

About HRD token

HRD token is the native ERC20 token that powers the Hoard platform. How is it useful? How does it work within the Hoard platform? No need to wonder — find out here!

For game developers

In addition to this blog post (Liu's Game: A Story of Game Financing in the Future), read more about how Hoard can help you if you're a game developer.

Virtual employment

It's a bold claim to make, that Hoard will provide opportunities for virtual employment in the future. However, it's not so preposterous if you examine the trends. Read more about how the Hoard marketplace will facilitate these opportunities.


Read here for more information on the tech powering Hoard.

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